I am AJ Golden

Hi, I’m AJ, blogger and advocate for single moms. I’m also a bit of a chaos magnet at times, and as a single mom myself, know the feeling of being overwhelmed by that chaos on a daily, even hourly basis!

Which is why I created Mother Lovin’ Chaos. When you feel like you’re all outta fight and there isn’t enough Adderall or Xanax in the world to keep you from drowning in the chaos, this can be your place of hope, understanding, advice and humor.

Here, I talk about real issues that we single moms go through each day, like a constant lack of finances, trying to feed picky kids on a major budget, working our asses off to build a side hustle into a full time business so we can actually see our kids before they turn 18, or the importance of practicing self care, especially for us single moms (and how the hell to do that when you have -5 minutes a day to yourself)!

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What I’ve Been Up To

I’m always up to something new. I love to try new things, travel to new places and meet new people. Lol, I actually hate meeting new people, small talk, parties or really anything that involves me being socially engaged!

You can keep up with my non-social life by following me on instagram @.

For those of you that don’t know, blogging and editing for Mother Lovin’ Chaos is my very awesome night/weekend gig. By day I am a medical administrative assistant, which sounds boring but I actually really love. In my “spare time”, I like to binge watch sci-fi and documentaries or take loads of pics for my cat’s Instagram page….I know but if you check out his page you’ll totally understand my obssession!

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My Background

I’ve always been interested in social justice and psychology, even from an early age. In my failed attempts to complete a degree program, I took coursework in criminal psychology, social work, and education.

I’ve also always wanted to be a writer and graphic/web designer, and studied (and actually completed šŸ˜‰) courses in content strategy, marketing, HTML, very (emphasis on very) basic JavaScript, color theory and web design.

I have also always been a spiritual person, believing there is definitley more the world than the eye can see. As such, I studied Reiki, energy healing, and the intuitive arts, which have become more of a lifestyle than a practice, and have a major influence in my advice and inspiration to single moms. I know what it’s like to feel out of balance. And now, I also know what it’s like to feel in balance, and it’s completely changed my life and the life of my family.

I currently hold certifications as a Reiki Master, Law of Attraction Coach, and meditation instructor, and have attempted college once again in pursuit of certification in clinical hypnotherapy.

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m on way.”

– Carl Sandburg

Lol! That was the motto for my life, and it certainly felt as if I was just wandering aimlessly trying to find that open door of opportunity I just knew existed. But I know now that it was all part of my life journey, and that each and every interest and passion I’ve had in my life, as well as my personal circumstances, has led me to place where I am uniquely qualified to help the exact group of women my heart so empathetically cries out for.

The universe works in crazy ways like that!

So I believe you came across this site for a reason. You’re here to understand that while you may feel like “just a chaos magnet” (been there), the reality is, you are a magnet for chaos because you are magnetic

I’m committed to using all of my life experiences, all of my education, and all of my motivation, however imperfect it all may be, to show you how to dig deep, find the elements that make you that powerful magnet, dominate the chaos and make it your bitch!

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