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Slang words have been around since the dawn of language, and every generation comes up with a whole new set. Lots of times, different cultures, countries, and even regions within a single country have their own kind of slang dialect. But these days, teen slang words seem to change constantly! Whether its because social media makes it easier to connect and pick up on each others language habits all over the world, or whether our kids are just getting better at hiding what they want to talk about from us “boomer” parents, our language is shifting constantly, often weekly!

For example you won’t catch a single gen z kid using the term on fleek, even though a lot of gen x and even a few millennial moms are just now starting to recognize this as a slang term! (no offense to late language bloomers)

If you’re like me and always feel like half the time you have no clue what the hell your kids are talking about, don’t despair! I’ve compiled a list of 98 teen slang words every gen x and millennial mom should know.

98 Slang Teen Slang Words Every Mom Should Know in 2020-2021

Confused mom holds up a board with questions marks written all over it; she watches 2 teen girls holding a word bubble full of teen slang words.
1. 53xTerm for sex, usually in a text message or chat.
2. AF“As Fuck”. Usually used to exaggerate a feeling or statement. Like, “I wanna go home, I’m tired AF.
3. BaddieA bad ass, usually referring to a woman who is strong and sexy.
4.BaeNickname for a teen’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes it’s used between close friends.
5.BetEither confirms or challenges a statement made, usually in a playful manner. Like, “Yo you tryna go to the mall?” “Aight bet, I’ll meet you there later.”
6.BoomerRefers to someone old and behind the times; sometimes used to describe Gen X or older Millennials trying to be cool.
7.BopA really good song; replaces the word jam (This is my jam!). Like, “Ooh, turn it up, this song is a bop!”
8.BoujiReplaces ghetto fabulous. A term for the look, style or attitude of someone who is/acts trashy but has expensive taste. “Irl, she’s pretty clean cut but in her Instagram pics she look bouji AF.”
9.BounceRefers to leaving a place; similar to terms like “Let’s roll out” or “Let’s get outta here”. Like, “Yo, let’s bounce, I got a curfew!”
10.Bro-skiRefers to a friend or someone who’s like a brother. Like, “What you been up to bro-ski? “
11.BruhAnother term for a friend or replacement for bro (as in brother). Can also be used to to replace OMG when used in a sarcastic way or in response to a lame question, joke or statement. Like, “Hey wanna start running with me in the morning? It’d be early, like 5am.” “Bruh. No.”
12.BussinRefers to something really good. Like, “Mmmmmm! This chicken bussin!”
13.CakeA nice, plump booty (butt). Like, “That guy was so fine! He had hella cake!”
14.Cap/No CapAnother word for a lie or front. Like, “I knew he was cappin, he always lyin’ on someone”, or “You want it? No cap, I’ve got like 3 more at home.” A liar can also be called a capper.
15.CartRefers to a cartridge used to smoke weed from a vape pen.
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16.CatfishingRefers to creating a fake social media profile or online presence in order to lure people into relationships.
17.ChillMeans calm or cool. Can be used to describe a feeling or as a verb. Like, “Hey, I’m feelin’ pretty chill” or “You gotta meet this girl, she’s super chill.” Or as a verb, “Dude, you need to chill out.”
18.CloutRefers to having high social status, recognition, and power to influence others. Social media influencers, celebrities and politicians can be referred to as having a lot of clout, but it can be used to describe anyone with social influence. Like, “If you’re goin to that club, go when my man Jay is bouncing. He’s gotta a lot of clout there, he’ll get you in.”
19.CrayReplaces the word crazy. Like, “Did you see that shot? That was so cray!” or “You posted that? You are so cray cray!”
20.CringyMeans gross and/or embarrassing. Like, “I’m not eating there; that place is super cringy,” or “Everyone has cringeworthy memories from middle school.”
21.DRefers to dick or sex. Like, “Girl, you know you want that D.”
22.DabCan refer to either the gesture used in memes or in dances on TikTok, or to using certain types of highly concentrated marijuana. As a noun, this may also be called wax, budder, shatter, crumble or sauce. As a verb, it refers to the process of inhaling this vapor, or dabbing.
23.DankUsually refers to really weird, overused or old memes. Also used to describe really good weed, and because of that, can also be used to mean really good or excellent. Like, “I love that place! Their Pad Thai is so dank!”
24.DeadRefers to finding something hilarious or hysterical, and is sometimes interchanged with weak (at the bottom of this list). As in, “That meme you sent me was so funny, I am so dead!” Can also mean tired, super high, or in trouble.
25.Deep FriedCan mean a hook up, a derogatory term for a person of Indian descent, or a reference to being really high. Deep Fried Memes refer to memes where the color, brightness or saturation are exaggerated, giving it a trippy or even psychedelic look.
26.DeetsShort for details, usually in reference to an event (like a party) or gossip.
27.DripSlang for a persons look or style; similar to swag. Sometimes refers specifically to an outfit or item of clothing. Like, “Wherever she shops, that’s where I’ma start goin, cuz she’s got serious drip!”
28.DeucesMeans goodbye, sometimes used to refer to ending a relationship (Like the Chris Brown song). Like, “I’m out, I made plans for tonight. Deuces!”
29.ExtraRefers to a person acting in a dramatic or exaggerated way. Like, “I can’t talk to right now, you are being so extra.” Can also refer to an object like, “OMG did you see her dress, it was so extra!”
30.FamTerm referring to a friend or family member. Like, “Hey fam, whatchu been up to lately?”

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31.FinnaReplaces “about to” or “going to”. Like, “I’m finna steal one of his chicken tenders if he don’t hurry up!”
32.FinstaA fake Instagram account. Like, “I think this follow request is from a finsta, I’m gonna block him.”
33.FireMeans cool or awesome. Like, “Those cheese fries are fire!”
34.FitShort for outfit. Like, “Cool fit, where’d you get sweater?”
35.FlamedMeans to be accused, bullied, come at, interrogated or attacked. Like, “He was gettin’ so flamed cuz he accidently wore his sister’s shirt to school”
36.FlexShowing off. Like, “Quit flexin dude, we all know she’ll be deuces in like 2 seconds.” or “If I had that car, I’d flex too!”
37.FurryCosplayers who dress as animals. Usually hinting at a type of sexual kink. Furries are generally known to watch and enjoy porn with animated cartoon animals or participate in sexual acts in cartoon animal costumes. However, teens who feel like outsiders often claim to be furries, seeking belonging. The term furries as it pertains to teens could be compared to goth cliques in previous generations.
38.FyeAnother way to say fly or cool. Like, “That movie was fye!”
39.Glow UpRefers to getting a makeover or having a spa day; beautifying. “I gotta make a stop at Ulta; I’m finna get my glow up!”
40.Go OffA term used when encouraging a rant or argument, oftentimes used sarcastically. Like when a teen says, “OMG every time I get food at Taco Bell, they forget to give me a freakin’ straw. It’s so annoying! I swear….”, her friend might say, “Go off” in response.
41.GOATGOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time. It’s sometimes used as an adjective like, “Did you see that shot? I am so GOAT at basketball.”
42.GucciMeans “all good” like, “I’m gucci, thanks!”
43.HellaUsed as an adverb like super, very, really, or totally. Like, “That boy is hella fine!”
44.High KeyAlso used as an adverb like super, very, really, or totally. Like, “I am high key ready for this dance!”
45.HundoShort for “hundred percent”. Sometimes said as “hundo p“.

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46.JellyShort for “jealous”. Like, “OMG I love your shoes! I’m like totally jelly!”
47.KarenTerm used to describe entitled, annoying, racist, middle-aged white women who are always asking to speak to the manager. Like, “OMG this Karen called me dickhead at work today because her stupid card kept declining. It wasn’t my fault but she still demanded to speak to my manager.”
48.LewkAnother term for a fashion look, pertaining to a style or outfit. Like, “Ooh did you see his lewk? He fine!”
49.LipstickAn substitute term for “red rocket” or a boner. Like, “Ew, I accidentally walked in on Jack in the bathroom and I totally saw his lipstick!” Or when teens are being sneaky, “Hey I think I left my lipstick at the basketball court…meet me there and help me find it?”
50.LitMeans awesome, cool, or great. Like, “Yo that concert was lit!” Can also mean being high or drunk.
51.LoliUsed to describe a seductive underage girl, sometimes prepubescent, in anime, manga’s, video games or hentai porn. Teens usually use the term in a joking manor as a derogatory term. But it should definitley raise a red flag. Beware of anyone using it around your kids online or in chats. It should probably be reported.
52.Low KeyUsed as an adverb like very or really, but in regards to something secretive or on the down low. Like, “I low key still sleep with my baby blanket.” or “I low-key made a profile on Tinder.”
53.MoodA relatable feeling or experience. A substitute term for “same” or “me too”. Like, if a teen says he’s craving cheese fries, his friend might say “that’s such a mood” or “that would be a whole mood!”
54.NicNicotine or referencing vaping. Like, “You wanna walk to the corner store, I need some nic.” or if a teen is being sneaky, “Is nic gonna be there?”
55.NoobDescribes someone who is new or really bad at something. Like someone who keeps dying in a video game might get called a noob, or if a teen is experimenting with drugs or alcohol and doesn’t inhale or gets buzzed super easy, friends might make fun of them, calling them a noob.
56.OofMore of a noise than a word, it’s used to display surprise, embarrassment or pain. For example, if you hear a story about a co-worker who walked smack into the door, you might cringe and say oof, like ooh that sucks, how embarrassing!
57.PeriodtEmphasizes a point by ending the sentence or rant with “periodt“. Often seen in gifs or Tik Tok’s with the person making a slashing motion across their throat with their hand.
58.PhubbingMeans to snub someone to instead look at your phone. Like, “Can you believe her, she was totally phubbing me while I was trying to talk to her!”
59.PlugSupplier of alcohol and/or drugs to minors, usually found on social media. A plug is usually younger and has connections to lots of middle and high school aged kids in an area. Like the older brother of a friend of a friend who can buy alcohol and hook them up with weed. “I messaged my plug to meet me at the park later with a cart.”
60.PronA way to say porn without sending alerts to parents or getting blocked by restrictive apps.
61.RatchetSometimes used as a derogatory term to mean ghetto, low class or trashy, though it can also be used to mean excellent or as a term of empowerment. Like, “Why did you invite her? She is so ratchet.”
62.RoastWhen a single person is being made fun of over and over at one time, sometime by multiple people at once. It’s often done in a joking manner, and can replace words like “burn” or “gotcha”. Like, “Dude, say something back, he totally roasted you.”
63.SaltyMeans to be angry, annoyed, or irritable towards a person or situation. Like, “Leave her alone man, she’s still salty over the breakup.”
64.SavageMeans badass, hardcore, fierce, or wickedly awesome. Sometimes it is said in response to a statement or roast 😉 that is on point. Like, “Did you hear what he said to her? That shit was savage AF.”
65.ShadeTo throw shade means to send insults via looks, body language or statements, often in a passive aggressive way. Like, “She always throwin shade…why don’t she just say it to my face?”
66.ShipShort for relationship.
67.ShookTo catch someone off guard, usually by making them upset or by making them laugh really hard. Like, “Girl, that text got me so shook, I still can’t stop laughin!”
68.Sic/Sicc/SickAnother term for “awesome” or “sweet”. Like, “He gave me a ride home, dude has a sic stereo system!” Sic can also indicate an error on social media posts, but usually teens mean it like, cool.
69.SillageA trail of perfume or cologne left behind someone who recently sprayed it on or used it while walking.
70.SimpRefers to desperate men in love with women who are super mean to them. A simp will often go to degrading lengths to win the affection of their crush, sometimes to the point of abuse. Although it’s usually referring to males, it can be used with any gender in any type of sexual orientation. Like, “OMG, you’re writing another paper for her? Dude, you are simping for her so hard!”
71.Sip TeaSee “tea” below. Sip tea means to mind your business or quit gossiping. Like, “Shut up! She’s your friend. Why don’t you try sippin your tea for once instead of spillin it?”
72.SkinnyMeans gossip or info, or another term for “tea”. Like, “So what’s the skinny on that hot new English teacher?” It can also mean cool or nice. Like if a friend says, “Hey my mom took me to Starbucks this morning and I got an extra Pink Drink. You want it?” The response might be, “Skinny! Thanks!”.
73.SlapMeans something is good or great. Like, “Yum! These cheese fries slap!”
74.SlayMeans to do really well or can be another term for a badass. Like, “I studied all night, I am gonna slay this exam!” or “She’s a slayer man, so outta your league.”
75.Slim ThiccA term for someone who is skinny without being stick thin, and has a bigger boobs, butt and thighs. Like, having all the right curves in all the right places but still being skinny and toned everywhere else.
76.SmashCasual sex.
77.SnackA sexy or good looking person. Like, “Ooh that dude is fine! He be lookin like a whole snack!”
78.SnatchedMeans something is good or on point. Like, “Girl, those threads are snatched! Where you get those shoes?”
79.SquadGroup of friends or clique.
80.StanMeans “stalker fan”, like from the Eminem song “Stan”.
81.SusShort for suspicious. Like, “Why you actin so sus? Did you take my candy again?” Can also be used like sussy.
82.SwoleDescribes someone who’s muscular or in good shape.
83.TeaAnother word for gossip or information. Like, “What’s the tea on Amanda and Josh, I heard they broke up?”
84.ThiccCurvey, voluptuous. Describes someone with a big but and small waist. Can be used as both a compliment or a joke.
85.ThirstyDesperate, attention seeking, or someone who is fishing for compliments.
86.Thot, ThottyAnother word for slut or slutty.
87.ThreadsAnother word for clothes or outfit. Like, “You wanna hit the mall after school? I’m in desperate need of new threads.
88.TripAnother word for over-reacting. Like, “Why you trippin, it’s not that big of a deal?” Can also be used to describe the effects of using a hallucinogenic drug.
89.TrollCan be either a) an internet term for someone who spends a lot of time on the internet making rude comments to intentionally get people riled up, or b)a derogatory term for someone who looks ugly.
90.Turnt UpMeans being excited or energetic. Can be substituted for wild.
91.VibeA woman whose fun to be around and is attractive. Can also be used to describe the energy, atmosphere, or aura surrounding a person, place or thing.
92.VSCO GirlA bit irrelevant at this point, but started with girls who posted pics of themselves on the app VSCO. It’s generally used as a derogatory term towards white girls and can be likened to what previous generations may have called a “valley girl”. VSCO girls are categorized by having or wearing specific items, like scrunchies, hydroflask water bottles, and shell necklaces. They are responsible for the sayings “and-I-oop” and “sksksk”.
93.WeakCan either a) describe laughing so hard a joke it makes you “weak”, or b) describes a fail or being ineffective at something.
94.WigAnother word for amazing or incredible. Like, “I wish my mom would let me get my nose pierced – that would be so wig!”
95.WokeA person who has become aware of social justice and and inequality issues.
96.YeetA term for excitement. Can be used as an approval statement or when shocked or surprised in a good way. Like, if your daughter called a friend saying, “hey, my mom said you could come over and she’d order us Pad Thai,” the friend might respond with “Yeet!”.
97.ZoomingCan mean a) popping in randomly on a Zoom meeting that you shouldn’t be in, b) describing the chill feeling of being high, or less commonly, c) a derogatory term for anti-vaxers.
98.ZootedAnother word for being high. like, ” I can’t go home yet, I am so zooted! My mom’s gonna know.”

Language is always changing, especially teen slang words! I’m sure that even by the time I post this article there will be new terms used and a few of these may have already become obsolete! But hopefully, this list will help you decipher some of the craziness coming out of your teens or tweens mouth(s) these days!

Know more words that I didn’t include? Add them in the comments or email me at leci@motherlovinchaos.com, and I’ll include them in a follow -up post. 😁

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