Christmas gifts for teens

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When it comes to Christmas shopping, buying gifts for teens is the living worst! They never know what they want, they never like what you get, and the few ideas they do have are just unrealistically expensive. My son asked for a $900 dollar replica of a Darth Vader Helmet for Christmas this year…

I mean…did he teleport from an alternate universe or something? One where I actually have it like that?


But in all seriousness, Christmas is stressful enough, even without the craziness of 2020’s bullshit. The last thing I feel like stressing over is what to get my teens for Christmas that won’t get eye rolls in response. So I asked my kids and some of their friends what the must have items are on their Christmas lists. Here’s what they told me :

Cool Fits for Teens

Kids don’t usually want clothes for Christmas, lets just be real about that! But for teens who want that fire fit, a few (emphasis on few) choice duds like these are acceptable for Christmas morning; some may even bring big smiles and possibly – just maybe, even the miraculous and elusive thank you hug!!!

Trendy Kicks:

Nike Air Force 1 ($90 – $220)

If there’s one pair of shoes you get for your teen, make it these. You can’t go wrong with the classics whites, and they pair well with sweats, skirts, jeans – pretty much everything! But do check out the multiple sexy styles and colors that will earn your kid some major clout!


Yeah, it seems dumb but they love ’em πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ You really can’t go wrong here, unless you get some weird janky brand. Lol πŸ˜‚ . Btw, if you’re Gen X or older, slides are “shower shoes”! Not making fun of you, just lettin’ ya know, since I mentioned them to a friend of mine who had no idea what slides were πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


Hoodies are the go to gift in my house. Everyone loves them, it’s basically all the kids want to wear, and you can never have too many! If you stick with basic colors, it’s unlikely you’ll pick something dreadful, but who wants a plain ole solid colored hoodie for Christmas? No one. So here’s a few options that pass the “it slaps” test.

Funky Socks

Fun printed socks make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for teens

Yup, not a joke. Socks and slides are the thing to wear, and that’s just boring without some fun and funky socks! This is a stocking stuffer that’s cheap, hard to mess up, and liked by teens everywhere πŸ˜‰ I definitley recommend Odd Sox on Amazon! Here are some of my kids favorites:

Trippy Room Decor Gifts for Teens

Teens want to have their own space to chill that reflects their style, not old lady or granola mom vibes. And of course it has to a cool place to hang with all their friends (ya know, when that becomes a thing again)! For now, our teens end up spending a lot of time alone, and stuff that gives their rooms a cool, trippy atmosphere is definitley on a lot of teens wish lists this Christmas!

LED Lights

Every teen I know has, wants, or wants more of these LED lights in their bedroom. They use them to border windows, doors, ceilings, closets, even TV’s, creating an atmosphere of low light and cool vibes. And even if they have a few already, they always seem to want more! Thankfully they’re pretty inexpensive and easy to put up. Just peel the adhesive backing of the light strip and stick ’em wherever you want to add a little color and ambience!

But strip lights aren’t the only way to get cool LED lighting in your teens room – here are two that both of my teens put on their Christmas wish lists!

Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector

Get it now! $49.99

LED Neon Wall Sign

Get it now! $15.98

LED Stocking Stuffers

These string lights create cozy climate for your teens room as well – and also make great stocking stuffers!

Trippy Tapestries

Teens love trippy tapestries making it a great Christmas gift for teens

Tapestries are an awesome way for teens to make their space their own. From psychedelic scenery to their favorite trap artist album covers, tapestries come in lots of styles and make cool backgrounds for all those Snapchat and Instagram pics! Here’s a few good choices if you’re not sure what your teen might like.

β¬…β¬…β¬…β¬… Get this tapestry!

Photo Magic

For social media lovers, photography buffs, artists and cozy room enthusiasts alike, photography is where it’s at! These teen approved gifts are a great way to create lasting memories, connect with nature, develop skill or explore a new hobby!

Instant Cameras and Mini Printers

We definitley live in a world of instant gratification, and while that usually works against us, when it comes to making memories, instant photos and mini printers are the Especially for teens! Whether your teen is a social butterfly or an observant loner, the ability to instantly print out photos is fun for everyone!


The Fujifilm Instax is probably the most popular and the best overall value for instant cameras. It comes it lots of pretty colors, but I personally love the lavender!

The Kodak Printomatic is a really decent camera and definitley much less expensive than some other brands. And printing on ZINK paper is always a win in my eyes!

While this isn’t an instant print camera, I’ve added the GoPro Hero 7 here because with 4K HD video live streaming capability, this touch screen, waterproof digital camera is definitley a go to gift for the teen into vlogging, outdoor or underwater photography, or creating wicked Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat posts. And if they aren’t? Hey, there’s no better time than a global pandemic to start a new hobby!

Mini Printers

If your teen would rather take photos on their phone or with a high quality camera but would still like the capability to print on demand, a mini printer might be just the solution. Small enough to fit in their pocket, purse or backpack, these mini printers are easy to take anywhere! Just connect with Bluetooth and voila! Instant photos!

Here are the three top choices the kids, their friends, and I came down to. I’d already purchased the Canon IVY for my daughter, but honestly, I’m thinking the cheaper, highly rated Lifeprint might have been a better option; which btw, also uses ZINK paper. Just throwin’ it out there!


If your teen loves social media…wa- wa- wait. My bad…Your teen LOVES social media! And a ring light is perfect for taking awesome selfies, vlogging, even doing make-up!

Here’s the best Ring Light I found – it has the most options and is on sale right now!

For those of you interested in that GoPro, don’t forget to add this awesome accessory pack so your teen can stream and share all their awesome activities!

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Teen

If you’re teen likes to spend time outside, maybe even likes physical activity (whaaaaaaaaaat!!), then these are this is what they’re gonna want to see under the tree πŸ˜‰

Rolling hover skates in top gifts for teens
Photo via Sharper Image

Get it now! $99.99

Rolling Hover Skates

The newest of hover skate tech (not sure that’s a thing but that’s what I’m calling it), these rolling units are more similar to inline skates than previous boards. Self propeling in a natural wave motion with no need to push of the ground, these are bound to be fun! I kinda wanna get a pair for myself!

Hover Board

Since we’re mentioning the new hover skates, I can’t leave out the infamous hoverboard, which is still a hot item to have, and super fun!

Get this hoverboard $139.00


Oh yes, these are still cool and yes, this is a Christmas gift your teen will love! These are the boards my daughter and her pothead skate park friends told me are the best!

For the Gamer


Cyber Punk

This is THE game of the season and if you have a kid at all into video games, this is guaranteed to be a hit. I’m not even into video games, like at all, and even I know that this is the game that everyone’s been waiting YEARS to come out! You’ve seen the commercials – ya know, with Keanu Reeves’ sexy ass! It just came out yesterday (December 10th) and you’re gonna want get it asap !

Get it while you can! $49.94

Call of Duty Cold War

The other hot game for the Christmas season is the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Not as exciting and buzzworthy as Cyber Punk, but definitley on the wish list of any teen who’s into the Call of Duty Series! Plus it’s available for the new PS5, which we’ll get to in just a sec πŸ˜‰

Another PS5 game that is super fun?

Marvel’s Spiderman – Miles Morales

The Ultimate Launch Edition is a remastered version of the PS4 game – and trust me, it’s worth it! But, if you have or want to buy the PS4 version instead, you can upgrade it – to play on both platforms. One of the many perks of the PS5!

Game Systems

Playstation 5

I’m no expert on gaming consoles, and I’m not gonna pretend to be. All I know is that the PS5 is supposed to be hella fast and integrates new technology that lets players have a far more immersive and interactive experience than ever before. That, and everyone and their brother wants one! Since I’m clueless on gaming tech, I’ve included a link to the Toms Guide review for more info!

Playstation 5 in best gifts for teens
Photo courtesy of GameStop

The Oculus Quest 2

Playing the newest VR system by Oculus is truly one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. Thankfully for my broke ass, my son makes more money than I do as a voice actor and bought his own Oculus quest 2 a couple of months ago. He “let” me play (πŸ™„)the Star Wars game – OMG! I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan but that was such a blast! If you have bored kids during this pandemic, this will definitley get them up and excited. I’m not much of a gamer, but I am all for playing the crap outta this thing!

Oculus Rift

Slightly older than the Quest 2, the Oculus Rift is still badass! If you can’t find the Oculus Quest 2 or don’t want to shell out so much cash on one item, the Oculus Rift is a close second and is still tons of fun!


Of course, what good would any teen Christmas be without shiny new electronics under the tree? Fine. It’d be totally fine, but none-the-less, your teen will still want all the new gadgets and gizmos that coincidently come out right before Christmas. Here’s a few your teens are bound to be impressed with:


iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are the perfect Christmas gifts for teens
Photo via

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

If your kid drink the Apple Cool-Aid like my mine, they’re gonna want the new iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 mini. That’s really just a no-brainer and an easy score for clout amongst friends. Learn more.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Me, I’ve always been a fan of the Samsung Galaxy line, and personally can’t wait to get my hands on the newest version, the S20. If your teen is a rare breed that isn’t into Apple products (like my son), this is the phone their gonna want. Learn more.

Samsung Galaxy S20 in top gifts teens
Photo via


The Echo Dot

I’ve found the new 4th generation Echo Dot to give the most bang for your buck among smart speakers. It looks cool, it displays the time, which makes it great as an alarm clock, connects to other compatible smart home devices (like color changing lightbulbs, tv’s, and phones). Your teen can use use hands off commands with Alexa and play music, which is probably what they’ll use it for most! Best of all, at just $39.99, it’s budget friendly πŸ˜‰

The JBL Flip

This is the best speaker to take to the beach or to keep poolside. It has amazing sound, and is waterproof and portable!

Bose SoundLink

If you’re teen isn’t interested in all that and just wants a speaker with the best sound, the Bose SoundLink is the best value for the best listening experience.

Bluetooth Record Player

Ok, this isn’t really a speaker, but who cares, it’s cool AF and it does play music! Even if your teen doesn’t have any vinyl records (yet), this is sweet vintage style music player that will give them a new appreciation for music – and maybe even a new hobby. There is nothing like the sound quality of music on a record! These two are both Bluetooth, allowing teens to listen with their earbuds or headphones. Plus, they comes in a whole bunch of cool colors and styles, and they DON’T cost hundreds of dollars! And, they are portable – I mean, how many signs from the universe does one need?!

Since we’re talking about the best ways to listen to music…

Wireless Ear Buds

Teens are always listening to music or on the phone with their friends, even when you think their not. In class, while your having a conversation with them, while they’re watching TV, when they are supposed to be sleeping…so of course, having ear buds they can hide without the wires giving them away is low key super important to teens. Lol! But they also want the best sound quality and something that really doesn’t have wires getting in the way.

Probably the most popular choice and still some of the best on the market are the Air Pods Pro , which your teen will most certainly appreciate as a Christmas gift. You can get them on the Apple site for $249 – plus free engraving on the case!

But there are some pretty awesome ear buds out there giving Apple some competition… Here are 3 of the best that I, as well as my teens, have personally used and loved to pieces:

Galaxy Buds

Get it now $139

Sony WF-1000XM3

Get it now $168

Powerbeats Pro

Get it now $169.95

Budget Options

Wireless buds can be hella expensive, so if you’re looking for a good budget option these are pretty damn decent and a whole lot easier on the wallet!

For the Beat Mixer

I know, I know, not all teens are into making cool beats or playing an instrument. But I had to add this in here because it is the actual shiznit! If you DO have a teen who’s musically inclined, they’re gonna wanna get their hands on the badass Roli. Check out the video below!

Yes, I know this is pricey AF. Luckily, there’s this great music store called Zzounds that not only has in house credit, but they also have Pay As You Play installment plans – with no credit check! I’m a single mom, and I literally never have 2 cents to my name. My kid is a fucking musical genius and let me tell you, giving him the tools to build his studio and unleash his creativity as both a therapeutic outlet and as a future career path would NOT have been possible without Zzounds. If you think your teen would love the shit out the Roli products like mine would, check out the links and see what’s possible πŸ₯°

While I’m sure there are tons more gifts that teens want for Christmas, this list should give you a few ideas and hopefully, some inspiration on what to get your teen for Christmas this crazy year of 2020!